Vermicompost prototype, 2014


matokomposti v2
Composting with earthworms (Eisenia fetida).
Worms are efficient processors of organic waste;
they eat and expel their own weight every day.
Composting can be done indoors or outdoors.
To inspire sustainable way of living, to start urban composting and to grow an interest towards urban farming.Worm composting is a wonderful hobby, even a lifestyle that is simple, fun, safe, and great for the environment.
Vermicomposting is easy and simple and odourless.
Worms break down organic matter extremely
quickly and produce a safe, natural, organic
fertilizer filled with nutrients.


The bin has series of bowls stacked on top of
one another. The bowl on bottom is filled first,
but not harvested when it is full. Insted the bowl
above is used for adding organic material. When
the worms finish composting the bottom bowl,
they head for more food and migrate to the
bowl above. When the worms have migrated,
the bottom bowl can be harvested. The harvested
empty bowl can then be moved to the top.
This vermicompost is designed for modern kitchen,
for indoor use.
compost: stainless steel,
chopping board: birch